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Vincent Abbate
Apricot Nectar Dixie's Story
Old Man's Blues Reckless Life Blues

Anne Lombardo Ardolino
Breakfast with the Polar Bear Of Course I'm Stephen Stills
The Perfect Squelch

Tala Bar
The Snake Man Venus
The Woman and the Hunters

Jason Bennett
Deciding when to Die Temptation

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Another Pilgrimage Little Man, Who Made You?

Bill Berry
The First Six Months after Death Fucker
Identity Politics: Failure Imagine
Of Mice and Men Paris: City of Suicides
Scarlet The Seduction of Bill Clinton: Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar
The Story of Joan of Arc: Martyr Complex The Tempest
When You Are Gone I Will Still Be Here

Keith Berry
Another Saturday Editorials Concerning the Collapse of Society
The Listener

Katy Bertrand
Jaywalking Let the Chips Fall Where They May

Charles Blackstone
Dust (HTML or PDF) The Kitchen
The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did Because of Reading an Advice Column The Trouble with Alysoun's Mother

Eric Bosse
The Dog-Faced Boy Everybody Must Get Stoned
Slavery A Temporary Solution
Too Sweet

Tom Bradley
The Epoxy-Resin Mao (a RealAudio file) Flip
The Opiates of the Mass Tough Audience

Luke Buckham
counterclockwise eating flowers indiscriminately
fences gertrude
i have only so much time for myself, now i was a child
landscape & brain letter from common nonsense
the light that is mine lucidity and dream: chapters 9 through 11
quilts sky copy beauty not copy/the end
something didn't happen the supermarket murders, or, muffins
This You'll Never Know

Patrick W. Burke
All Clear Domestic Violence
Final Run (HTML or PDF) Options
Timing is everything

Don Caudill
Für Elise Remnants
She Had To

James J. Cho
The Funeral of David Yummy, or, How I Learned to Love Hamburgers A Prayer
A Short Trip to Las Vegas Before Returning Home

Dave Clapper
Box Her Cat
Guitar Rain

Tyler Clay
Journal References

r. c. cooper
Duet In a Nutshell
Saving Corporal Hitler

Walt Craig
Black Water Jack The Struggle
The Ultimate Desecration

Ed da Silveira, Jr.
American Samurai - In Training New Arrivals - Atlantic Coast

K. M. Dersley
Bardic Stopover By the Light of All His Demons
Just a Suburban Pack Rat Night of the Mohocks
Ten Shining Minutes The World & Its Infuriating Work

Dave Dreher
$11 in the bank 747-400 JNB-JFK 2/23/01
AAAA League Armed to the Teeth
Bumped The Diner
Halberds and Pork Rinds I Shook His Hand
Let It Turn Into Something Else The Radio
Making Whoopie Silence
Who's Kicking Who

Brian Downes
Country Weekends (in HTML or PDF format) Gnome
Savage Weapons

P. S. Ehrlich
ELOHSSA DECAFTIHS (in HTML or PDF format) Proud to Be Short
No-Nazz Slideshow
The Street Freak and His Old Lady the Ex-Law Student Taking Avail
Visions of Sugarbongs

Kaan Erkam
The Eyes of the Fish, The Ears of the Snail

Laura Fletcher
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Lurker

Jason Paul Fox
Coda The Quarry
The Wild Life

Michael Fowler
The Fax Rabbit The Inflatable Restroom
The Tragedy of the 1-5-0

Chris Gilliland
Horror Head: Max III Just Wait.
Max 4

Phillip Good
Bloody Marys Dansing
Shootout at the Silver Bullet

Daniel Green of Missouri
Getting a Life (HTML or PDF) The Primal Scene
Signifying Nothing

Larry Griffin
At the Hotel Birmingham: The First Time
Kahkewaquonaby or Peter Jones?

Carissa Halston
Love, Sex and Strap-Ons Muse
One Man Woman

Sydney Harth
The Boxer My New Black Dress
The Neighborhood Bar Quality Time
The Rocky Landscape of My Mind Tadzio, Come
The Way It Really Happened

Coral Hull
Black Dog in the Mist, Hospital Creek Memorial Dogs of Australia

Marcy Jarvis
Chinatown Death
Ken's Funeral

Dana Jerman
His Heart in Long Division Love Equals Catastrophe
She Comes Out On Drive-In Nights This is About Us

Sustainable Parameters

The Blonde The Cockroach
Jihad Kelly's Next Lover

Alan Kaufman
The Bed The Big Moon Egg in the Earthworm's Mouth
The Caterpillar

Marie Kazalia
Taco Bell Diary

Clay Kenyon
The Bucket of Heads Light My Fire
The Silence of the Camels

Karl Koweski
Accumulating Hells Feed 'Em to the Fish
Mountain View A Night at Bukowski's
Patron Saint of Paper Boys Penny Ante

A. R. Lamb
Bella He Knew It Was Time
Mieke Rosina
Tara Two Perch

Michael Largo
Breakfast at Tiffany's Lipshitz and Shinola
Mail Call Stunt Babies

Kurt Lee
alveola blood red rose garden
boybox Canticle
Confessions of a Cold Medicine Eater Daddy Thinks I'm a Child Molester
death of two poets droplets
gluttony insanity
journal entry of a fool letter
mailbox masturbate with a knife
memory No Music
old fruit pages 2
palebo skein
snuff spine carousel
tranquillisimo in nine parts tv
urchin's reflection wash

Robert Levin
Peggie Waiting for the Cut
Why I Married My Wife When Pacino's Hot, I'm Hot

Old Scratch Tattoo

Terrance Leightner
Terminal Prejudice

Nathan Leslie
Man to Man Mood Ring
Oh, Duesenberg We're All from West Virginia Sometime

James Lineberger
The Color of Cows

Norman Lock
The Geology of Love Growing Uncertainty
The History of the Cinema My Hysteria
Raising Pennington The Sorrow of the Porters

Rich Logsdon
Confession of a Dark Saint Dreaming of Boticelli
Fear of Angels Going Home to Mother
The Haunting of Sarah Gray Hour of Judgement
Lori's Song (HTML or PDF) Numbed by Grace
The Sifting The Six-Fingered Man
Summoning Game Sweet, Sweet Annie
Wicked Dreams

Ed Lynskey
Cappadocia Cartoons
Saigon: The Photo Finish

Michael McNeilley

Rod Mason
Aara's Quest Distant Memories
Fireworks Forever with Love
Shades of Gray

Alex Migliore
The Finale

Jay Miner
Drinking Problem (an audio file) A Letter from the Hole

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
MoonPies Working

Steve Mitchell

Nicholas Morgan
28 Years in a Thousand Words Billy the Asshole
Bloody Halloween Departure
The dinner party Exploration
A Fool for the Four-Letter Word Free Beer
Inebriated Motions Never Done
The Night Last Night Pool of Sick
Requital Shut That Thing Off
stories stored Symphony Strain
vivo mutt a zillion faces in the mirror

R. R. Mullen
One by One Snake Eat Own Tail

J. B. Mulligan
the child who died of love virtual death

Dennis Must
Big Whitey Boys
Combustion Horace

Bryan Nally
Johnny Quick Pen Document that Thought I Am the Creepy Man
I'll Not Let You Leave Me Again It's Not Your Fault
Of All Things, Death, at the County Fair Someone Is Always Listening

B. Z. Niditch
All's Hell that Ends Well A Bird
Body Parts Chances Are
Closet Drama Cold Soldier
The Day Allen Ginsberg Died The Day Loretta Young Died
The Day Tennessee Williams Died End of Days
The Exile Family
Fortune Fourplay
Freedom The Good German
Hard of Hearing Independence Day
Joey, Jack and Jim Left Out in the Rain
The Love House A Matter of Life
Memorial Day Myself
Namesake New London Diary
News from Childhood A Night Uptown
No Kidding Okechobee Boulevard
One Day in Paris' Grill Penis Envy
The Pink Triangle The Pool
The Rascal The Reichs
Roadside Vision Services
Soulwinner Surfer Stud
The Surrogate Talk Show
Temple Hopping Three Gals
Twin Hustle Upper West
Uptown Wanted!
The Watchman Where's Jake Smith?

Stephen O'Connell
All Right Dog Bites Man
Flood Remembrance of Seventh Periods Past

Andrew O'Donnell
Adagio for Strings 'Blank Spots,' or, 'Like Penguins, Baby!'
The Eighth Day An Evening with X

Charles O'Hay
Algiers The Life
Tumors, Scabs and Taco Sauce

Joseph O'Leary
Fear Lily
The Man Who Fucked God The Ones that Remained
Some Good Reason

Ben Ohmart
State Contends Stimuli
With Ourselves: Shag Carpet

Daniel A. Olivas
Gisella's Guppy
Methusaleh Señor Sanchez

Vladimir Orlov
Glimpses of Russia

John Palcewski
Best Swimmer Drowning Dawn of Civility
It's Not What She Meant Memoir

Dino Parenti
Mr. Angel (HTML or PDF) The Night the Lights Went On
Out with the Old Re-Runs
Triple Threat

Brent M. Parker
Mr. Johnson Sees a Man About a Horse

Jonathan Penton
Alabama and Broad Arias
Back to Broad The Ballad of '79 (HTML or PDF)
Down on Broad Education
Learning to Blow Leon
The Morgans Ravens and Jays
There Is One Difference Between Myself and a Madman Waiting Room

Elisha Porat
Babbles in the Night Beach Games
The Bearded Man A Bullet Fired
Clean Slate (HTML or PDF) Curly-Headed Pussycat
A Diagonal View The Double
A Dozen Baskets of Sand Dwindling Friends
Far from Sidon A Hike in the Galilee
In Vain Pursuit Kamatz Alef
Leave Long Haul
My First Story Oneg Shabat
The Origin of the Double Payback
Projecting a United Will Promises
Purification (HTML or PDF) The Resurrected
The Road to Nabbatiya Salamanders on the Northern Road
Scar of Pride Shell Shock
The Silent Lieutenant Sunday Bells
Triple Jump War Baby

Leah Presser
A Kid in a Box What's in the Ditch

Jason Ratcliff
The Cult of Clinton Eyes
Here Imprisoned The House of Mirrors

Charles Rammelkamp
Castleman Calls it Quits Everybody Plays the Fool
The Freewheelin' Roger Castleman The Impersonator
Judgement Day The Knockout Punch
A Man Like Me Stuck in the Middle
Taboo or Not Taboo?

Gabriel Ricard
Day one Evolution of the Young
Ride Forward!

Phil Rockstroh
BEATIFIC BAIT: Or since I lost (like an old set of keys that belong to an apartment that I no longing live in) my faith in God-- I have decided to choose a new one at random: A short play of insectual prosody

Summer Rogers
Com Ed, or, if things fall in place the day Mama was born
split personality, the difference between

Rob Rosen
Blondie Bunny and Hoppy
Costco High The IKEA Paradox
The Krispy Kreme Dream Team Maybes
A Queer Fable The Tattoo
Ten Minutes and Counting

Linda Rosenkrans
Chasing the Muse down Sunset Boulevard Cowardly Breakup
Golden Release

Michael Rothenberg
Lake Effect

Behlor Santi
Nelly Hunter: An Investigation Paralegalism
Red Flag A Story for Margaret

Wayne Scheer
Character Counts King Benny's Queen
Nothing Is Real So What's Wrong With Being Lazy?
The Teachings of Dan John

Tobias Seamon
A Day in the Life of the Grand Vizier The Sun Light

Steve Silkin
Accordions It Feels Like THIS
Top of Victory

John Sokol
Ashes to Ashes False Preganancy
Season of Peace

Jason Snyder
Can't Even Breathe Pretty

Elizabeth Stamford
Glowing Barrel Gugusi
Johnny Ray

Hannah Sward
Chloe's Two Night Stand Love in the Seedy Motel
The Naked Room

Royce Sykes
Tempered Son

Susan B. Townsend
Busted The Lie
Prove It Reality Check
A Time to Speak Understanding Business

Sean Underwood
death in response to post script: The mirror’s the thing to curse us, verisimilitude in our perfect creation of humanity. Ask Dorian.

Sam Vaknin
Abuse Being There
The Disappearance of the Witness Ghost in the Machine
A Great Admiration Here You Are, Madam
How I "Became" a Narcissist Looking for a Family
The Music of My Emotions My Woman and I
Portrait of the Narcissist as a Young Man Prague at Dusk
Skopje - Where Time Stood Still

Derick Varn
Entropy's Rag Doll Exhibitionism
Mythos with Red Wine

Clint Venezuela
Andy Kaufman's Nostrils Christina Aguilera Ate My Left Testicle
The Crusty-Looking Man on the Bus mybrainhurts

James Wall
Black Sun in a White Sky Captain Badass
Coffee Goddamn You! Zygotic Mt. Mogwai
Impliment Junk Mail
Portrait Stupid Fuck
The Tourist

Chris Wallace
In Negative Manic Depression

Scott Walsdorf
Strange Scene Summer

Matthew Wascovich
Can You Hear the Cannonball Show New Elements Suck My Address Book

Aliya Whiteley
Legs Playtime

Wayne H.W Wolfson
B-Train Born Sacrifice
Joseph's Museum

Christopher Woods

John Yarbrough
The Letter Squash
Squash (Reheated)