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ED LYNSKEY walks on celestial bodies

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe fiction of Ed Lynskey is the story of the struggles of the American Century. Whether he's writing about journalists in Saigon, children growing up in the South, or tourists in the Land of the Dead, Ed vividly dissects and displays the last 100 years, in a way that is both enlightening and compelling.

Ed says, "My short stories have most recently appeared in such ezines as Copperfield Review and Dead Mule as well as the litmag RE: Arts and Literature.

"Past poems have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, American Poetry Review, Commonweal, America, Poetry Northwest, etc. My reviews have been published in The New York Times and Washington Post." Ed can be reached at e_lynskey@yahoo.com. Note that there is an underscore between the e and the lynskey.

Ed's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Saigon: The Photo Finish