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KEITH BERRY conquers fruits and nuts

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe fiction of Keith Berry slams into us with the destruction and perversion of mores, folkways, and any other cow, pig, or possibly cat we hold sacred. He brings us characters living in utter emotional chaos, who have nothing better to do than inflict this chaos on anyone they can. Despite their dark tone, these stories are instantly hilarous, charming us with the openness which they present their very skewed perspective.

Keith Berry is a native of Maryland, and lives in a town well-known for being the location of the 1972 assassination attempt on George Wallace. He began writing fiction at an early age, but his work only ceased to suck ass in 2001, when he won a Best Fiction Prize for The Baltimore City Paper. His fiction and poetry have subsequently appeared in Daybook, Poetry Motel, Babel Magazine, Gin Bender Poetry Review, Zygote In My Coffee, and the upcoming spring issue of Rhino Poetry Forum. He writes about drunks, drug addicts, and degenerates because such people occupy about 75 percent of the area he lives in and, lacking any kind of imagination, he can't write a story about living in India. He has also written four novels, one of which is under consideration for publication, two of which are still in revision, and as for the fourth, he'd like to use it for toilet paper but wants to retain it as a reminder of how badly he can write when he wants to. Contact him at Keithbzippy@aol.com.

Keith's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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