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MICHAEL FOWLER birds etc. kill me

First we learn a few names and predicates that apply to medium-sized lovable or edible physical objects in the foreground of sense and interest.
-- the philosopher Donald Davidson, describing an outmoded theory of how we begin to acquire language

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWhether mugging for a simple joke or resting quietly with a non sequitor, the short fiction of Michael Fowler is guaranteed to bring laughter in both the expected and unexpected places. Oh, look, here's a cat. Anyway, Michael Fowler dodges between the obvious and the inexplicable jokes with seemingly no effort, never bringing us quite what we expect, but never failing to deliver a punch line. Enjoy and laugh.

Michael Fowler would like to thank Jonathan Penton for the use of his cyberspace at Unlikely Stories to post a few of his stories that he didn't think would ever be published.

Mike himself admits that the stories are longish, and not quite literary or anything else.

They are different from what he usually writes, which is short humor. (Some of that is on display at nightsandweekends.com, eyeshot.net, opiummagazine.com, theglut.com, facsimilation.com, yankeepotroast.org, perfectland, and in print at Nuthouse. Humorists, try your stuff with these zines!) But classifiable or not, the stories were fun to write, and Mike hopes the fun carries over to the reading of them. If it doesn't, blame Jonathan.

Michael's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Inflatable Restroom
The Tragedy of the 1-5-0
The Fax Rabbit