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KAGANOF could be a hero, someday

To the Unlikely Stories home pageKaganof wears no hatViciously and unrepentantly cynical, the short stories of the man known as Kaganof speak volumes on the impotence of love and the hopelessness of human relationships. With smooth and engaging conversations, he paints pictures of empty people trying their best to inflict their emptiness on others and calling it love. He reminds us of the cruelty inherent in human behavior.

Kaganof was born again in 2001. He used to drive a Toyota Corolla but that got stolen. He shoots Glock. He has three books available from Pine Slopes Publications. You can write to him about his books, or any other issue, at kaganof@mweb.co.za.

Kaganof's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Kelly's Next Lover

The Cockroach
The Blonde