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Cowardly Breakup

Saliva regurgitated up my nose as I stood above his motionless body; acrid stench combined with acidic bile juice filtered my senses. I clasped a hand over my mouth and heaved a sweet and sour substance that filtered through my fingers, which then dripped upon his bloated abdomen. His fingers were still coiled around the trigger like a boa constrictor who hadn't finished squeezing the life out of its prey.

He didn't smell like I remembered, not like the sweet potato pie that used to welcome my arrival. He stunk, and that made me angry. He smelled of hard-boiled eggs- the deviled rotten kind, putrid with self-pity.

I felt a lick of rage kindle its way up the sides of my ears, burning my head like a towering inferno. I looked around for something, anything to hit him with. I found a wooden stick he frequently forgot to lock his window with. Violently, I struck his already dilapidated head.


His liquid sorrow splattered all over my face, consequently shooting assaulting red tears into my uncontaminated eyes, and making them sting with hate.

"Did you expect me to clean up after your mess?"

"You imbecile!"

I rattled my head back and forth shaking a finger in his face.

"No, no, no, no, no!"

"I told you from the beginning that I refuse to tidy up after any man!"

"Your apartment looks like a pig's pen after a frenzied slaughter!"

"Lazy slob! I wish you had told me earlier that you were a swine!"

I got on all fours making pig noises, wild, frantic pig noises, while sliding in his blood like a savage boar.

"Get up!"

"Get up!"

"Get up you weak bastard!"

I violently kicked his leg for ignoring me, and as I did, yellow rank liquors oozed from his remains.

He was indifferent, laying peacefully complacent in his multicolored bodily trash.

I noticed chunks of soggy cranial matter beginning to dry on the walls. A kaleidoscope of burgundy cherries mixed with blueberry shortcakes indiscriminately blended together unevenly along white.

" Is this your idea of modern art? I know you were thinking about redecorating your walls, but please, this is absurd."

I laughed hysterically.

"What an idiot! You are such an idiot!"

"What were you thinking?"

"God damn it; answer me when I ask you a question!"

"Oh right, you lost your head!"

I laughed even harder at this.

"How convenient! Shit for brains is unable to respond!"

I shook his arm and glanced at my watch.

"We were supposed to be at the movies by 7:30, and now we are late!"

No movement.

"Listen Mr., if you didn't want to go, you could have called to let me know."

No answer.

"Fine, have it your way, I'll go without you."

I walked towards the door expecting him to follow me like he always did, pulling on my shirtsleeve and pleading like a kid saying, "No wait, no wait!" I looked back and he was still lying in his muddy shit pond.

"You fucking coward! I'm going then. Oh, and later on when you have figured out that you were wrong, don't bother showing up on my doorstep with flowers and an apology because I have decided that I never want to see you again - ever!"

And with heart stained phalanges, I slammed the door and never looked back.

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