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Introducing Daniel Green, a man with a mission: to destroy and rebuild fiction from the ground up. His fiction calls into question the conventional roles of narrator, character, author, and even reader, as he travels the fine line between high-concept art and utter nonsense. His stories will confuse, but mostly delight, any reader who follows them down their twisted path.

For many years, Daniel Green’s greatest ambition was to be an English professor. After attaining that goal, he quickly discovered it not to be worth the time and effort expended and has since abandoned academe (mostly) and rediscovered his earliest ambition of becoming a writer. His essays and articles have appeared in, among others, The Georgia Review, The Marlboro Review, American Book Review, College English, and Contemporary Literature. His fiction has appeared in AugustCutter, Fiction Funhouse, and (forthcoming) in Small Pond Magazine.

The stories included here are inspired by his fondness for what an eminent critic once called “fabulation and metafiction,” allied impulses which he has attempted to take to their logical extremes, twisting and distorting their basic assumptions to the best of his ability. He would also like the stories to be funny.

Although he currently lives in Maine, he is originally from Missouri and considers himself a Midwesterner.

Daniel Green should not be confused with Unlikely Stories' other Daniel Green. This Daniel Green is from Missouri. The other Daniel Green is from Florida. Andy Kaufman was from Hollywood.

You can write to Daniel at greend@polaris.umpi.maine.edu.

Leah's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Primal Scene
Signifying Nothing
Getting a Life (available as an Acrobat File)

Because Getting a Life is quite long, an Adobe Acrobat file is provided so that you might conveniently print it out. Please understand that Daniel Green owns the copyright on Getting a Life and you do NOT have permission to distribute it. In order to use the Acrobat file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.