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A. R. LAMB broke his Furbys in a fit of passion

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe difference between the creation myth in Genesis and the creation myth in Darwin is infinitesimal when compared with the difference between either of these myths and creation itself.
--A. R. Lamb

Never let it be said that a surreal tale cannot be heartfelt. A. R. Lamb's stories smack slightly of the supernatural and bizarre, yet remain firmly grounded in the emotional lives of their characters. His stories have both the pangs of perfect characterization that keep us transfixed, and a strangeness that makes us laugh.

A. R. Lamb lives in Cornwall, U.K. He writes as trancedly as possible, with practical help from various carbon compounds. He presently has new fiction at Electron Press, and many little poems at Ariga. Other sites (poetry) include Some Words, Swansong, and Shadyvale. He has arly experimental fictions published by John Calder and in anthologies and magazines. His most recent paper publication was IN MANY WAYS FROGS, a joint poetic volume Abraxas). His ongoing project is an unusual synthesis of music and poetry: first recording, BARK OF A STRAY DOG, now available (music and voices by Lamb, words by Newman). He's a sculptor by trade. You can e-mail him at RamTone@aol.com.

A. R.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

He Knew It Was Time

Two Perch

July 1999 - July 2000: