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JOHN SOKOL quiets our fears

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Dealing fearlessly with issues of death, birth, and memory, the short stories of John Sokol explore the motives behind human creativity. His stories move slowly and carefully, delicately revealing the sadness that causes us to write, and exquisitely reminding us of our freedom to do so. His phrasing is perfect and his timing and rhythm are fascinating.

John Sokol is a writer and painter living in Akron, OH. His poems have appeared in America, Antigonish Review, The Berkeley Poetry Review, Georgetown Review, New Millennium Writings, The New York Quarterly, and Quarterly West, among others. His short stories have appeared in Akros, Descant, Mindscapes, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Redbook, and other journals. One of his stories has been translated into Danish, and, another, into Russian. His drawings and paintings have been reproduced on more that thirty-five book covers. His chapbook, Kissing the Bees, won the 1999 Redgreene Press Chapbook Competition. Drop him a line at johnsokol58@msn.com.

John's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

False Pregnancy
Ashes to Ashes
Season of Peace