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having lost my job out of misery at the doldrums of slowly going bankrupt and not working, i had gathered the last of my money and absconded to mexico to get drunk, and to die. during one blood colored evening i found myself ambling up a country road with my thoughts frivolous and buoyant from alcohol and marijuana, across dusty planes littered with only a few homes, i was a true vagrant and had truly lost possession of myself, and my soul, which was being thrust violently about in the cruel icy winds far above my head. thus was my state when a harsh blow protracted the back of my head, and i succumbed to darkness.

i awoke, but was still in darkness, on my back, laid down in a hastily built coffin. water trickled from the crevices in the wood onto my person and as i gave my first shriek of horror while thrashing violently about in the box, my cries reverberated from the muffled walls of my premature tomb. cold sweat trickled my brow as i breathed heavily, laughing and crying in hysterics. with a hoarse whimper i began to claw at the wood for about a five minute epoch until my nails were ground away and my fingers bled. i lay panting in the darkness groping at my person until my hand reached perfunctorily into my pants and masturbated myself without being aware of it. the blood provided suitable lubrication and i screamed in pain at the point of my orgasm. what i had not been aware of at this interval was the arrival of dozens of small oily serpents that had wheedled their way into my grave and now, with terrifying sibilances, slithered about my person, my exposed cock, into my pant legs and the cleft of my ass, about my face and torso, covering me with painful bites. i howled, cried, thrashed flinging the creatures at my feet and stomping them into the floor of the casket. their blood produced a pungent odor that gagged and stifled me. after an hour of this horror, the serpents, silenced, forbore to harass me further. coated and blood and gagging with the smell of the serpents, i writhed painfully around, my arms and legs cramped, in this hopeless atmosphere that grew thinner by the minute. i sobbed, i gnawed my hands bloody, i beat the walls with terror, all the time shrieking, "OH DEATH DEATH DEATH

i clenched my fists and beat more furious at the hopeless lid of the coffin, causing dirt to sprinkle in my face and intermix with my blood. at length the lid of the coffin ruptured causing a burst of mud to bury my skull beneath it. i gagged and vomited clawing at the dirt and my feet thrashed violently, i bent my spine and dragged myself out from under the mud laying in a crooked fetal position, in agonizing pain, adjacent to the spilled mud. once again i vomited whiskey and dirt and gagged incessantly for fifteen minutes, my face forced six inches from the mess i had caused. i wept in my hopeless situation, how long before i suffocated in this miserable pit, before my lost vagrant wanderlust soul would be extinguished like a candle flame with a glass jar placed atop of it. at length, i lost consciousness.

when i awoke i felt twice as stifled as i did before. i felt there was another body in the coffin with me. it groped me moaning and laughing saying in a guttural bubbling voice "i love you" and screaming "i once had a job i hated as much as you" while vomiting and pissing and shitting all over me, mashing all three into a paste and groping at my erect cock while laughing

"i kiss you" it says and licks my face with a tongue that smells of rotted milk, onions, and flatulence. i beat at the creature which only laughs at my attempts, and continues to grope me, fingering my asshole and vomiting a horrific paste resembling applesauce into my face. until, the beast vanished within my grasp as i gasped for air, which was growing ever thinner as time wore on.

at length, i heard a scratching noise. my eyes opened and the first feeble rays, as of the first lights of dawn, caressed my face. at that moment my terror departed like a flock of doves released concluding a spanish wedding. the lid of the coffin was upturned and i leapt from it to the terror of two men bearing shovels. i had been accidentally exhumed by graverobbers. i bound down the street, laughing like a madman.

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