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JOHN YARBROUGH is not afraid of Samuel Beckett

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe hilarious satires of John Yarbrough cast a cynical yet loving eye towards the great state of Texas, and as anyone who's ever been there knows, Texas is a funny damn place. Whether he's spoofing country life or the Men in Black, John's short stories have a gleeful sincerity that will leave you laughing at the same time you cry at the foibles of mankind.

John says, "I am a prisoner in the state of Texas. I am also working on my master's degree in literature through the University of Houston. Classes are held at our prison school. I have been published in several college journals and magazines in the US, UK, South Africa, and Australia. I won third place in the 2002 PEN Writer's Contest. I won the Boswell Poetry Award from T.C.U. in 2001." He has no e-mail address, but you can write to him through Unlikely Stories.

John's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Squash (Reheated)
The Letter