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ALIYA WHITELEY would make a great vampire

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAliya, making her way to IsraelPsychological prose written by Aliya Whiteley takes you on a journey through wicked minds. These stories are well worth the reading to see if the story ends as critically as it began. What was that furry thing thrown against the wall and into someone's hair? What must it be like to lose your legs in a freak accident that occurred while taking out for a walk in the park with a post-agoraphobic neighbor in a wheelchair? How do you go from being the school nerd to the office spud?

Aliya says, "I'm 29 years old and live in the UK. I've been writing indiscriminately for ten years in just about every genre: sci-fi, fantasy, romance, crime, have all been unwillingly deconstructed and stitched back together on my folding table. I'm an admirer of Graham Greene, Martin Amis, John Fowles and Ray Bradbury, to name but a few. I work in a library, where nobody ever takes out books by these fine authors.

"My novel, 'Caught By The Cougar' is currently available as an e-book through www.leakypenpress.co.uk. (under the name Jessica Lee) It's a romantic romp across the world with some cowboys and karate scenes thrown in for good measure. Other short stories and poems of mine can be seen at www.ukauthors.com (under the name bluepootle). Alternatively, you can find links to these, and other things, at my website - www.geocities.com/aliyawhiteley/index.html." Drop her a line at aliya.whiteley@talk21.com.

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