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At the Hotel

I take your right hand. I feel its warmth. I place the back of it against my cheek and rub it. You feel my beard, not too heavy. I turn your hand and move it across my face to my lips. I kiss your hand lightly. Then I dart my tongue hard and fast against your the palm of your hand, and I turn it again with my hand and kiss it rather hard on the back. Then I turn your hand again touching each of the fingers with a light kiss. I kiss back from the little finger to the middle finger, which I suck into my mouth. My left hand cups the back of your neck and I pull you close until I feel your breasts firm against my chest. I pull your finger from my mouth while I still suck so that it comes out of my mouth with a slow sucking sound. Then I'm to your left eyebrow with a quick kiss. Then the right eyebrow. Then the right eyelid with your eye closed. Then I kiss the left eyelid. I do this several times moving back and forth with light kisses from the right eyelid to the left eyelid.

I hold you in my arms, my hand laced behind your back except to reach up and feel your hair from time to time. Then I just barely kiss the nose. I know you are smiling. I move from the nose to the right cheek with a kiss and then to the left with a kiss, and I move back and forth kissing both your cheeks and occasionally kissing your nose. You are still smiling.

I kiss your lips, just the lips. Then I move my tongue in and out of your mouth. You suck my tongue hard, and when I stop you move your tongue into my mouth, and I suck it hard. You feel my erection against your leg. You move your hand from behind my back around in front of me and between us. You rub my groin and my penis throbs.

I have moved my right hand to your left breast, and I am gently rubbing it until your nipple becomes hard, and then I move with the same hand to the right breast, rub, and that nipple hardens. You are rubbing my penis through my pants.

Still kissing you--we both struggle for breath--I take both my hands and unbutton your blouse. I plunge my hands inside and my heart beats harder taking great delight--you wear no brassiere. I feel your fine breasts one in each hand, I love how your nipples respond, and you unzip my pants. You have worked your fingers through the opening in my silk shorts and you pull my penis out hard and swift. You move your hand back and forth up and down the shaft.

We are still kissing. Our tongues move in and out of one another's mouths. I have moved down your stomach with my hand and I reach down into the warmth of your pants. I feel your wonderful hair, its texture so fine and silky, and my fingers find the warm moist partings of your legs, and I plunge my tongue harder into your mouth and I move my finger into you.

You moan beneath my kisses. There's the pulling down of pants. I fall forward and you fall back. I am with you. I am in you. Your are with me. We are warm, then warmer. And I thrust as your hips rock forward into me and backward away from me until the rhythm becomes all our motion, all our emotion. Our panting increases.

Our sounds become one sound. I am harder and I thrust deeper and faster and you are right back at me. You sing a song of short murmurs that become louder and louder until you are screaming in my ear with earnest breath. I sing along. I ejaculate. You say, "Yes."

I fall to your side and kiss your now warmer and wet skin from your forehead down your neck to your breasts, your stomach, your thighs, your legs, and your feet. I taste salt. I smell you all over. And you smell good. We will never be the same.

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