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CHARLES BLACKSTONE might or might not secretly listen to boy bands

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"Human societies divide their semantic universes into two dimensions, culture and nature. The first is defined by the contents they assume and with which they invest themselves, the second by those they reject."
--A. J. Greimas

With a tightly-packed writing style in which no word is left extraneous, Charles Blackstone brings to us four fantastic tales of the ordinary. His stories are jovial, intense reflections on relationships, families, and the frustrated angst of the American male. He mercilessly shreds the facades of our culture and consistently reveals the unexpected.

Charles Blackstone is the author of About the Author, a novel, and a collection of short stories, both forthcoming. His fiction has appeared in Hyde Park Herald, Red Shoes, Shnubida Online, and a couple of anthologies. This year his work will be featured in Circle Magazine and Aubade. He lives in Chicago where he is an editor at Cabora Books. Drop him a line at chachi123@hotmail.com.

Charles's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did Because of Reading an Advice Column
The Kitchen
Dust (available as an Acrobat file)
The Trouble with Alysoun's Mother

Because Dust is quite long, an Adobe Acrobat file is provided so that you might conveniently print it out. Please understand that Charles Blackstone owns the copyright on Dust and you do NOT have permission to distribute it. In order to use the Acrobat file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.