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To the Unlikely Stories home pageDave Clapper in his two current incarnationsTake a journey through the work of Dave Clapper through Mexico to find what you need the most only to let it go so you can return to your life. Even if you are not a fighter, sweat will rain from your brows and pain in your gut as slowly Dave unravels in his fiction what might be a killer, a grave digger or a .. won't give it away .. one becomes engulfed in the vivid imagery of such mysteries as they unfold.

Dave Clapper writes prose. He contends that he doesn't "get" poetry, and very rarely writes it, unless he's either head over heels in love or enthusiastically pissed off. Consequently, most of his poetry sucks and he sticks to prose, flash to be specific. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two sons. His work has been published (or soon will be) in 3AM Magazine, LitPot, Pindeldyboz, Dead Mule, and about a half dozen others. He's also a founding member of Criminals From the Neck Up and publishes SmokeLong Quarterly. The most important thing he ever learned about writing was that it's okay to suck--it takes a lot of garbage before writing anything of value. You can reach him at dave@daveclapper.com.

Dave's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Her Cat
Guitar Rain