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WALT CRAIG waltzes past the... uh... I dunno

To the Unlikely Stories home pageDark and creepy, the short stories of Walt Craig remind us of the very best of horror fiction, using the most mundane and commonplace symbols to illustrate our gaping fear of both the known and the unknown. His characters are vivid and realistic, and shamble through life, death, and the need for revenge in ways that will seem very familiar. These stories leave a delightful queasy feeling in the pit of your consciousness.

Walt says, "I write because it sates an inner yearning for accomplishment and provides a useful vehicle to deliver my commentary with regard to the sometimes sick and twisted world that we live in. The only thing that satisfies more than crafting a story is the knowledge that someone else took time to read it. I appreciate your time and I hope you consider it well spent. For those of you who care to look beneath the surface, the original title of “The Ultimate Desecration” was “The Societal Circuit”." Walt's e-mail address is craig_walter_d@lilly.com.

Walt's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Ultimate Desecration
Black Water Jack
The Struggle