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the worst the worst thing yes thats the worst
thing you can can do the worst one can the worst
to be done is is is to con to convince someone who is
who is suicide who is suicidal that life has meaning
that life has any meaning at all the worst to convince
a miserable man that he is happy that there is a reason
to be happy that there is a reason to live the worst the
worst thing to do is to convince a man who is on fire that
he is not on fire and with every second of television radio
society each object on the shelves of a grocery each bright car
each book each clean cut square of grass each tree each billboard
and each false person this is society this is your life
tries to convince us that there is a reason to live
when there isnt
tries to convince us that the most hideous sufferings and atrocities
do not occur tries to convince us that atom bombs arent detonating
tries to convince us not of the truth of lifes complete and utter
abstract misery but of lifes complete and utter black falsehood
the lie that were all happy and life is nothing but joy
that were all going to heaven when we die and weve done nothing wrong
that our society is an amusement park of joy and dancing and gluttony
this could not be further from the truth truth truth
in the black trunck going s tto new ytork so escixted wed gets i n blakc trucj
5 of us bearded man black hairedsssd girls twos others ones othersaa me the lsaat
its not we aresf so excited peerintgs out windopws at scorched acidic skies waistin
fo srj fire to fall so joyful we gets all outr food and booze and plaxcse to stay frtere
just as long as we dont make a scene just as long as we dont yell just as long as we
dont scare them just as long as we dont disrupt their joyworld tear out your hair
we arrive to find SCENE
balconies line the buildings coil around the buildings maetallics snakes coil aorund
with sittings men around each up tp thes skyties devouring laugihng as parade goies by
the whole structure supported by a single claw that lurches and digs deeper deeper into
earth a whole cup dug into the gulp lbakc bpicstup truck slides into hole and under the
claw LURCH the claw crushesd us fors whats seems likes ye ashgas no one seesing ups an
LURCH claw beats uinto earth crushingss one of us a head slups overs into my lap the thumb
forefinger sized headwoudns sliding onto my erect cock disrupting the brains inside orgasm
immediates LURCH claws beeat down crush burn we creisy out our joy is bur ned beared means
is speared by the bentssd door guts pouer onto floour beers explode car becomes more more
impacjeted roof caves in crusheing a head laughetr from above pours through the drain and
drools into ourt sewege wounds slathering tongues tin hairs spuirn forsm the seat tearing at
the woemans face when the smiling sun looks down on us and pulls us out with its giant yellow
warm palm and sets us in our sits last three of us all fatally wounded but alive horrid desperate in in our seats on the metalicc steak banquet coiling around gluttonous buildings
we messily devour our food as night falls around people who laughs laopudly daysaysinh notshing
decipheralbele until my giant champagne glass CRYSTAAALLLLL bursts accidents and the table lurches , we bang and beat our platters andsas talbels samchsings everyintrhin beaitng it agisnt
the table throuswing it onto the pareade when an itinerant angel floats down upturning our table and dumping us through the nearest wingsdow CRAHSHERWSN intso a hotel room where we anxiously sit guzzling booze and smoking calling for mommy the happy sun is gone and the couches we sit on burn through our skin as we watch softcore porn then retire to gnojfs and aodhgdas house burst tiredly through the doors into 47 cat smelling room naked i crawl with malformed boners that hearl wihtisan ohours on floors so the cats crawls all over me and into oihfos and aiphreis mouths as they smile i crawl out the winodow edging down the phallic vein branch and hang untill the cats withdraw their claws and sturmtumble into yard hangisng blodoo rushing to my head burstnigns it all bleedings togethers years and toils thousands of years of blood anguish poured into that ever expanding expressway before me paved in the bones of infinite workers beate nsnr tod eath into the sand with work whiskey wages grub crawl back in and we lustily devour eachothers gentilas sucking at eachothers wounds staraved fucking madly tearing apart the furniture flinging cats aside that dive onto our gyrattinsg torsos eareaching out of the mess occasionally to dial on the phone for mommy or priuest ntils we dingfinsihed and sit in the backyard with our mouths open suckiling down beers andthe ahth that drip from the dtrees into our mouths and barbeque the bearded mans ass we saved from the car wreck
walking up the railroad in fireiyr green skies and leailves burstings slpoalrttatersing outr faces foreheads beatings against the treains and rainls the passing train crushes aihfio and aihpwee shattering them like weathered glass bottles into dust i hang from the phallic branch to escape but the rushing by train slices through my sclaps tearing out my brains and dreams thatfall to the earth writhing rat fetuses some crushed by the trains wheels others devours ed by a possum dotted with plague, giant pissing pustules
walking up the railroad in the night
i bend over and place my head to the rail
i beat my head with a tiny hammer untill i chip most of my front teeth
walking furthing my mouth ajar dripping blood
i bend over and place my head to the rail
slightly to the side beating my temple with the small hammer untill it bleeds
chipping my bicuspids out into the pebbles out of my head
and down to my bottom front teeth walking further
i bend over and place my head to the rail
jutting out my jaw to the cold unforgiving rail and beat the back of my head with
a hammer untill i chip out all four of the teeth
walking further my mouth gaping ajar
i slice open the corners of my mouth and smile a gigantic bleeding
smile towards the blackgreen woods to no one to the raccoons
i bend over and place my head to the rail
and whack the spot of my head for a good long while untill
i chip out my molars that fall into the pebbles and stones at my feet
unable to open my mouth wide enough to chip out the furthest back of my molars
i pick up a handful of stones and shove them into my mouth
grinding my teeth into them as i walk in broken shoes
up the railways under peering streetlamps
blood falling out of the holes in my groans
grinding my teeth a good long while down to the nubs
untill i hawk out the stones and my chipped teeth
those i didnt swallow
into the pebbles at my feet and swallow the rest
i bend over and place my head to the rail
placing my open mouth over the rail
placing my chipped down broken teeth to the rail
drag my head down the rail
driving deep my teeth into the rail
dreaming i see sparks spurting from it grinding the chipped nubs
down to disingenuous slanted flats spurting from my bleeding gums
forward and onward a couple miles or so
stopping and glancing over my shoulder
proud or so of a full days work

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