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spine carousel
part I

listless mist cream rolls whippet nice film
salve slippery up cracked wall teeth rinsed
mildew faucets drip celery and dopefiend raindrops
up from the apertures in the earth to scratch
the sky's hairy back in the wino's empty thirsty
forgotten dawnways
rivers of black coffee and timeclocks hovering
invisible in dime store fantasy joke bubbles for
the children whose only last candy is the tasteless
fantasy dreams cartoon youth slurped through twisty straws
on hardon laps swaying tan leaflets grass lash stretchy
filters swashing breezeless in the wind splashing overtures
of tossing hair grass glass empty dirt bottle stains the broken
mudcaplets stolen earth a ring of crooked and reaching trees
willow brambles warmth tin leaves tapping watercan rainpants
vibrant lucky lost words and vision into blurred ecstacy
i stood shuddering against walls of soft and cool windways
cloudbursts snapping in the sunlight like windowpanes crackling
in young imaginary campfires my legs mudpuddles vertical standing
my forms studying the deer standing before me slurping at my cock
which was a curling pig's tail erect one second and coiling slinky
the next pulling myself from the deer's black curling lips puffing
smoke on my whiskery nuts i stumbled backwards forcing the creature away
that only pursued me further slurping into itself
dancing according fisted light bulbed headed creature pulling the entrails
of the deer pulling it away but it kept slurping it up and slicing it
finally terrified i drew my slight razor from my eyelids and hewed the neck
open of the deer which stumbled backwards pouring bloodletting
and my vision went dark and emerged again into sickly and potent
brightness before me standing a young balled and shapely female with
goldfish for eyes speaking to me through her second mouth opening her neck
and i chased her shrieking sister through the grass diving long open
four foot strides after her pudgy bodice until she fell face first into
the sand and i fell on top of her my cock sluicing into her virgin orifice
her hymen exploding like a bottle full of pennies falling off the top shelf
while i sliced up and down the arch of her back with my face
full of protruding razorworks until i could wrap my tongue around her spine
and taste the sensation of her entire body trembling with shock and death pangs
i felt the electricity stab me in the brain from my long and winding lizards tongue
coiled around the grooves in her yellow and hyacinth spine that jerked and
jettisoned her finally cutting breathes i whipped back my black blood soaked curly head
splashing the blue bathtub sky with lipstick tumescence
my companion standing over me smiling with her slashed throat
and gesturing me telling me with bubbly cut vocal chords to follow her
as she wove through the tidal flat of deathly swimming tan uncut sallow grass
to the hardcut stone pavement expressway where we wandered up the shoulder singing
in unison with our boiled and raped singing voices we once used to call the names
of our absent lovers

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