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part II

the balled girl with the slashed throat and fish eyes introduced herself as vanity
vanity: wait here by this blind sleeping beercan skunk for now
she spoke with her open neck that had grown several black pearl shaped teeth
her face was blank, dead with a trace a single crystal thread of life in her eyes
the occasional tear would drip down her white shapely face and collect on her burlesque lips
which never spoke and her expression was fixated
ropes of blood, vomit, and black wine seeped from her speaking slashed neck mouth traveling
down her body like pearls and blandishments
a car stopped for me, and i recognized the driver immediately
it was famous writer, who wrote stories about his minivan
my eyes bubbled with hatred as he tol me he needed a babysitter to watch his five year old while he attended the nobel prize for literature benefit
vanity and i climbed into the fabled minivan which sped back to his house