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DAVE DREHER is a picker, grinner, and other stuff

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAny introduction that I wrote for the fiction of Dave Dreher could only do it injustice. Veering madly between the literal, the symbolic, and the philosophical, Dave's writings relentlessly explore the demons in society, interpersonal relationships, sports, bars, trucks, and the human heart and mind. You'll be blown away by the work we present here.

Dave says, "For me writing is an exercise analagous to netting a demon and, while it is kicking and squiming, pressing it's face against red-hot stove top coils. After I become bored with this and/or jabbing it with a cattle prod, sticking it's feet in the sink garbage disposal, etc., I wring it's scrawny grey neck until I hear and feel that satisfying snap. When the little bastard is good and dead, I whip the lifeless corpse against the wall. Then I pick it up, bring it back to the other side of the room and do it again. It sounds like a cantaloupe. Whap-thunk. Whap-thunk. Others get the formaldehyde frog-pins-corkboard treatment. Of course it gets whipped against the wall in the end. Or I can grab it by the tail and slam it into the floor. That happens, too. Over and over." Drop him a line at dwdreher@hotmail.com.

Dave's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Armed to the Teeth
Let It Turn into Something Else

I Shook His Hand
747-400 JNB-JFK 2/23/01
Who's Kicking Who
The Diner
$11 in the Bank
Making Whoopie
Halberds and Pork Rinds
The Radio
AAAA League

Silence, which is in sixteen parts, is also available as a .ZIP archive.