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PHILLIP GOOD for the rich and the poor

To the Unlikely Stories home pagePhillip Good conquers the Virgin IslandsWe all know that there's something wrong, and when the fiction of Phillip Good shines a spotlight on society's foibles, it's both an incrimination and a relief. He discusses poverty, jealousy, and the drive to kill with the even hand of realism, showing us our weaknesses with a clear, illuminating gaze. Steeped in character development, these socialized stories have much to say about truth, justice, and what those words mean.

To learn far more about former Berkeley Barb reporter, anatomy, biology, biostatistics, computer science, mathematics, and physics professor, and two-stepper Phillip Good than you could possibly want to know, check out http://users.oco.net/drphilgood. Or drop him a line at pigood@oco.net.

Phillip's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Bloody Marys
Shootout at the Silver Bullet