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ALAN KAUFMAN died for Lenny Bruce's sins

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Alan Kaufman, poet, editor, and writer of fiction, is a sort of tragic moralist. In the three stories that he presents here, he studies our society, outlining the aspects of it that cause us grief, and hinting at where we are going wrong. But he does all this with a taste for the bizarre, presenting us with stories that are utterly unpredictable.

Alan says: "My most recent book is an anthology, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry forthcoming this fall from Thunder's Mouth Press. My previous books include The New Generation (Anchor/Doubleday) and Who Are We? (Davka Limited Editions). My stories, poems and essays appear widely in print and online in such publications as Salon, Savoy, Tikkun, Long Shot, ZuZu Petals, Eclectica, Witness, et al." You can e-mail him at AKpoem@aol.com, or find more info about his books at the Unlikely Stories bookstore.

Alan's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1998 - July 1999:
The Caterpillar
The Bed
The Big Moon Egg in the Earthworm's Mouth

"A new young Kerouac...Alan Kaufman's poetry has the bebop sound of the best Beat poetry."
"...avatar of Lenny Bruce, Walt Whitman and Jackie Gleason"
"...a great young poet...his verbal chords are big, crashing blues chords and boogie-woogie chords and loud thrash poundings. Under that verbal rocking is the heart of Walt Whitman..."
"...work that robes his anger at growing up in a country that seems to have forgotten that people like Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman, Jack London, Henry Miller, Getrude Stein and Jack Kerouac ever walked on this native earth. Alan has a vision of the broad-shouldered axe."
Neeli Cherkovski, SOMA
"A poet of the people is being born"
Jack Hirschman