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BRYAN NALLY changes clothes in phone booths

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWhether he's taking you to the archtypical dusty barstool, a secluded fishing lake, or the bottom of a suburban staircase, the fiction Bryan Nally takes you to his settings thoroughly, beautifully, and intensely. Once you're there, he works with his scenery and his vivid characters to create a lonely, emotional impression worthy of the word literature.

Bryan says: “I am not certain why it is I have come to write these stories. I am even less certain about the need to have other people read them. However, as an avid reader, I have always maintained that the fact that someone took the time write something down makes it worthwhile. If nothing else stories are windows into the minds of their authors, providing one with an alternative view of the world, however temporary, that is different from one’s own.

”It is not uncommon for my young son to find something and not know exactly what it is. If it intrigues him enough he will give it to me and say, ‘Here Dad, I found this for you.’ In his eyes I can detect the unspoken words, ‘I don't know what it is but it is interesting enough that it MUST be important. Maybe you can figure out where it goes and what it is for.’ It is in this spirit of uncertain discovery that I offer these stories to you who has come across them. I have found them in the world around me and within myself but I don't really know where they came from or where they need to go.”

Bryan Nally is a Technical Analyst for the e-Commerce Fulfillment Industry. You can read more of his works including stories and poetry at www.digitalbackspace.com/readnally, or drop him a line at bnally@mindspring.com.

Bryan's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

I'll Not Let You Leave Me Again
I Am the Creepy Man
Johnny Quick Pen Document that Thought
Of All Things, Death, at the County Fair
It's Not Your Fault
Someone Is Always Listening