Unlikely Stories Presents

ALEX MIGLIORE out-wacks the wackiest Brits

To the Unlikely Stories home pageeyes pointed skywards, listening, listeningWith a sort of sociological sadness, the poems of Alex Migliore explore misery, irony, and the grinding madness of everyday life. He writes of the emptiness, not only of his own life, but of the lives of humans in general.

Alex says, "I am a twenty four year old author of poetry, prose and fiction currently living in London. To make the rent I either push paper round a desk or machinery around a warehouse. At the moment it's paper I'm pushing, which sounds a lot better than it is." Alex has a book coming out, your sons will want to kill you, from open prision publications. It will be available directly through him. You can write to him at rosycrucifixion@hotmail.com.

Alex's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

the experiment
The Finale

The Hanging Mezzanine
Behind Each Other
Debate then Contemplation
Maternal Love
Conversations with Strangers
Looking for Pessoa
The Ability to Earn
Career Opportunities
Why Not Make of Me a God?
Wrestling the Public
even if you don't make it.