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SCOTT WALSDORF and other s-words

In space, no one can hear you scream.

To the Unlikely Stories home pageSomewhere in the minefield of modernism lies rants, stream-of-consciousness writing, and the completely abstract narrative. Scott Walsdorf approaches these dangerous styles with an enthusiastic glee. With a seeming lack of effort, he plays with voice and point of view in a way that makes it clear that he doesn't feel the need to answer to anyone's idea of normalcy or structure. He flows through his topics with a sort of rebellious, random grace.

Scott says, "I've always liked fluid, clear prose that rolls of the tounge and twists and turns like some crazy dream. I've always read Stephen King, Keuroac, Henry Miller especially. Lots of internet writers (Kurt Lee being a personal favourite) and erotic stuff (literotica, etc.) I like the wit and flow of humour writers like Rich Kyanka from somethingawful.com. I remember writing when i was a kid (something about a werewolf) but only recently started up again. I write short, strange stories as a kind of purge- fast and furious is the key. Stream of consciousness writing really gets the heart of what you want to say (or not say) much better than working hard at it, although a well constructed piece of work is great if it doesnt SOUND edited. Its the feel of the writing, the rhythm that turns me on- and the words that come to you when you're in that trance, watching the scene unfold and letting your fingers tap away. That all sounds kinda cosmic, but hey- art is." Drop him a line at Kkussler@hotmail.com.

Scott's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Strange Scene