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i woke up and dressed. i put on a wristwatch, t-shirt and shorts. walking to work, i had to avoid a dog. i arrived. hey sexy, my coworker greets me. what should i do first? i ask. first i want you to suck all our cocks, then bend over and take it up your lazy tight fat ass from all of us. they grabbed me and carried me to the butcherís. they pulled my hair back and doug exposed his wang, he pushed my head onto him making me suck. you like to suck cock donít you you sickening foul shit? i couldnít reply, his hands were around my head slamming me into his groin. someone had taken my pants down, spat on my asshole and was fucking it. two obese mustached men. you like this donít you, you filth? you filthy junky? they hated me, but wanted to fuck me. i was young and i smoked pot so it gave them any excuse to maltreat me. they were rejected cops. the most exciting point in their life, if it wasnít brutalizing some private citizen to get some morally bankrupt arrest, was having a flight delayed in a local airport. the first fucker stopped and someone else took hold of me, hammering my mouth, i resisted and they began to strangle me, so i let up. my cock was more limp than their wrists. you see, this is how you treat a faggot! one of them yelled. cum dribbled out of my asshole, minced with blood. i began to cry and one of them slapped me across the face. i thought you liked taking it up the ass you little shit! enjoy while you can, i donít know any faggot or bisexual married to some idiot god woman who would dare to stick a cock up your ass, weíre doing you a favor! fuckers switched then came back for more. they hammered me, slapped me, one punching my asshole before he punctured it. midway through the sex act i began to scream, loudly, wanting to die and suffer, wanting to escape, wanting anything...

a fist strikes my face and a hand strikes my ass.

youíre done with your work here. now get your things, get out and donít fucking come back.

i awaken with a battered face and admire my deranged features in a dirty mirror, hanging on the factory wall. i kick my roach infested blankets aside and find my wallet empty, so i return to work and find the same wild sneers as before. howling they accost me outside the store and carry me into the meat locker tossing me onto a rotted side of beef covered in maggots. their fat mitts tear my clothes off and in minutes a dry cock is tearing into my ass and another in my mouth. a third party gouges my nipples out into small tatters of meat that plop to the dirty floor. with a pair of gardening sheers he slices off my balls and erect cock with one vulgar swipe and the penis falls on the floor like a deflating water hose, my teeth clamp down on the cock in my mouth and i taste blood, the penis withdraws and a hammer strikes me across the brow caving in my forehead, the cock withdraws from my ass and i feel metal sliding up my ass. a burning pain as they pull my intestines out of my ass with wire hooks, it plops to the ground and they pick up the intestine lubricating their cocks with them. the hammer swoops down striking my achilles tendon smashing it to paste, they wrap me in plastic and dump me out the back of the store into the dumpster

oddly still alive i amble horrifically down the street limping intestines hanging out of my asshole. i pull the strait razor embedded in the side of my temple from its gash and amble awkwardly forward with an obscene limp groaning loudly. three young black boys run around me cackling at my condition

one of the strikes me in the head with his fist and blood spurts out of my nose, i thrust the razor at him slicing his throat open all the way down to his armpit. the other two lunge at me and i cleave his nose from his face. he falls back clutching his bleeding face and howling. i fall forward hacking the back of his neck open, slicing the tendons clear in half and his head sputters falls limp and he collapses, the final boy attacks me with brass knuckles and i reel, but reciprocate by cutting a deep crimson mouth into his gut with the razor. he falls into the street, and i scream, driving the strait razor into my jugular .i fall atop him, paroxied.

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