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DON CAUDILL doesn't have to do anything, dammit

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe short stories of Don Caudill take a dark, introspective look at domestic relationships, unhappy unions, and the family unit. He explores dangerous genes and faulty mental wiring, discussing madness, depression and glee with a veneer of pain that we find instantly recognizable. Whether realist or absurdist, you'll immediately understand where these stories are coming from, and recognize that place within yourself.

Don says, "I currently live in Nashville. I have done stints around town as a standup comic and singer/songwriter/musician. My written work has appeared in Cotworld and Drang Cultural and Literary Magazine." Drop him a line at Don.Caudill@bellsouth.com.

Don's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Für Elise
She Had To