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part I

i takle great pride in choosing my victims i only like young women of rich background usuaually white girls who want to get married and think their stinking foul kunts are so gooddamn made of gold to precious for any cvock other than their sweet hubbieaz with their soap opera fuck me virgin dreams i would marade around the euvguly stretes looking for them i could spot them a mile away lights flying out of their eyes likes the fuckeing god heaven above motherfucking bullshit eyes like the brass horns of imagined heavens told to them by their daddies tucking them into their faggot porcelain sheets each night while crackwhores sell their cunts five bukcs a pop and fadaddies fuck their sons asses in the shower and junkies whores themselves to elephant man rapists hungry for a fix so their fucking daddies could give them tasty thanksgiving suppers bitches and i wanted to chew all of their vaginal liops off and give them breast reductions with wooden knives the fucking whores prom queens with permed hair drawn uip by their mommies and thinking their fucking piece of shit american selves so mother fucking precisosus than everyone else walking up the road in their expensive clothes with their expensive asses i want to pump full of diareah enemas and stomp on with boots until the burst sitting drunk in foul oilwell forests awaiting the bitches to pass by on their way to schpool rushigng from so called rapists anyone that didnt pristostrate themsivels vbefore the bitches watching their dustry asses trot up the bocl while carving numvers into my balls and sliving slicing my balls slice my balls ih ate my balls so i slice them up until they bleed but i sliced all my assballs all up and they bled and now my balls are all rotten hanging on my cock loins so i microwaved them after sliciging them off with a potato peeler and microwaved them dipping them in ranch dressing serving them to myself even though i didnt know I was eatming my balls i climb a tree to find pink featherless hairless birds squaqwking in birds nexsts i take them out and eat them alive while the mother squaqwkis at me i eat thopse pink fetus birds like candy and puke all over my self falling out of the strreee landing withs a exhaust pipe up my ass exhaust enemana i walked intostsh tehe prom dressed in a tuzxxedo lookings for my necxt bitch vitromc i find her dressed i n a bulue gown dancing with her o so desrtibvele husbie on the floor with all the other cherry popeprs i stand in the shadows drinking apertif and admiring her ugly and repulsive body dipping and movbigns perfectingly with the bomb the fuck out of america awful souless hell music for all the rich ltittle bopys and girls who eat their roasts and the n jack off while watching mtv wrapped in their parents money and conservative dreams bomb the fuc k out of america just one more time we didnt leanr our lesson and she left the prom withhst her boyfriesnd to the car where they popereo her cherty while listendng to oboy band on radio o so fucking hot bitch i watching from beihind the car their fucking whore little princess all little girls are bend over you bitch youre nothing and then they drove home but i was tied to the back of their car with a rope tired to a clock radio that was shoved up my ass as i draug along the droad bleeding and laguhging at my stupid pain i want to kill kil kill kill kil k il k i l k eveyrone and she got out of her car and walked into her paretnst house i remianded tied to the car that drove back to boyfriends house me tired to the back of the car i got off when it stopped outside boyfriends house skinless from behindg dragged up the road cut myself looses fuoolowed boyfriend to his doors grabbed him by the hair dragging him intso ththee street by his hair i beat heis head against he pavesment untill it cracks open and i pull out handfuls off his brains shoving them upo hios ass while tearing his cock and b alls off and shoving them into his throat tearing out string and tendon yanking out stirng and pieces and bits of sperm creation tearing out his kidney his last meanl refeeding it too him smarshing his teeth out of his mouths bnending his laegsg aroudns his body tiying him into a knot them stomping him stomping the fuck out of hius fatrggot libergal fucking body stomp stomp stomp you like this music you shit eater????? eat it motherfucker i pull his intestines out of his stomach adn smears them all over his facve bioting off each of his toes and biting off each fuinger scrubbing his skin with shand paper and drgaagging the bloody mess into the forest dummping it next to a motherufucking pile of washers and dryers slicing off his hair to make a wig for myself and stealing his car driving a block away from his girlfriends parents mansion where she lay in her satin sheets listening to her god rock prayiong to her god to tahts she might get married while i sat afters washing myself in the street wayter wearing her boyfriend wigf and dressed in his tuexedo the trunk of the car full of my tools

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