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STEPHEN O'CONNELL may possess Irish heritage

To the Unlikely Stories home pageDon't let the title of his first story fool you: Stephen O'Connell is not, nor is he trying to be, Proustian. And when I say that he's not Proustian, I mean that you won't have to read 50,000 words before you figure out what sort of story he's trying to tell. Which is good, because his stories aren't 50,000 words long. Nonetheless, they possess all the narrative they need, to develop character, produce meaningful plots, and satirize that which begs for satire. At times, his stories border on abusrdism; at other times, they walk the line between fiction and nonfiction. At all times, they offer us insight into the author, and, by extension, the reader as well.

Stephen says, "I write to ward off feelings of uselessness and irritability, and in the process hopefully something comes out that is entertaining in some way or another to somebody somewhere." You can write to Stephen at oke@rocketmail.com.

Stephen's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Remembrance of Seventh Periods Past
Dog Bites Man
All Right