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ROBERT LEVIN explores frightening terrains

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAh, yes, the hard art of modern life. Robert Levin knows it well, and brings us three stories of it's cruelty. Armed with humor, vision, and self-depreciating wit, he pits his pen against the daily grind. Writing about things like death, sex, and haircuts, he brings us a vision of the everyday that everyone can immediately recognize and enjoy.

Robert Levin has written in the past for the Village Voice and Rolling Stone, among numerous other publications. He is also the coauthor and coeditor, respectively, of two collections of essays about rock and avant garde jazz in the '60s: "Music & Politics" and "Giants of Black Music." Of his jazz writing Nat Hentoff remarked that "Levin is a writer from whom I always learn something. He not only has a strong background in the continuum of black music but his writing also has much of the passion of the music itself. In a quick couple of lines he can make sharply illuminating connections." Drop him a line at rlevin@earthlink.net.

Robert's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Why I Married My Wife
Waiting for the Cut