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NATHAN LESLIE is a famous star of screen and stage

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWriters and artists are often given to talk in terms like "empathy," "compassion," and "humanity." We talk about these things so much because they so rarely happen in the real world. With crisp, witty prose, Nathan Leslie chooses to explore their absence. He takes us on journeys that are at once gruelingly fascinating and horribly familiar.

Nathan Leslie currently lives in Columbia, Maryland and will teach writing at The University of Maryland Eastern Shore starting this fall. His fiction and poetry has been published in over thirty-five print and on-line literary magazines, including The Crab Creek Review, Facets, Wascana Review, Amherst Review, and Fodderwing. Nathan finished his MFA at the University of Maryland, where he won the 2000 Katherine Anne Porter Prize for fiction. He has written two short story collections and is working on his fourth novel. He is in the process of trying to publish his books. Drop him a line at nathanl@erols.com and/or nathan_21045@yahoo.com, or check out his new book at the Unlikely Stories Bookstore.

Nathan's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Man to Man
We're All from West Virginia Sometime
Mood Ring
Oh, Duesenberg