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It's the outrageousness of Eric Bosse's fiction that makes it so familiar. He'll write stories of over-the-top childhood traumas, fantastic delusions, and horrible filial tragedies in a way with which we can all immediately identify. His stories are comical in their proportions, but nonetheless serious explorations of feelings of betrayal, mistrust, and love.

Eric Bosse is a fiction writer, screenwriter and filmmaker in Montana. His stories have been published in Exquisite Corpse, Zoetrope All-Story Extra, Mississippi Review, Web Del Sol's Editors' Picks, Linnaean Street, Absinthe Literary Review, Vestal Review, Literary Potpourri, Nubrite and several other journals. His short films have shown at festivals in North America and Europe. Eric edits The God Particle, an online literary journal.

Eric's works here at Unlikely Stories are:


A Temporary Solution
Too Sweet
The Dog-Faced Boy
Everybody Must Get Stoned

A Temporary Solution was previously published in Exquisite Corpse. Too Sweet was first published in Literary Potpourri. The Dog-Faced Boy was published simultaneously in Absinthe Literary Review and Mississippi Review. Everybody Must Get Stoned was first published by Nubrite.