Christine King

Christine King

Christine King is a female horror writer, she has a book of short stories available on line and has been fortunate enough to have some stories and poems included in anthologies and magazines. Her first novel will be published this month. Visit her author page.

She enjoys a good cocktail and loves archery, she also runs a group on Facebook to help female writers get into the horror genre, without having to write sappy vampire love stories.

Christine is a wife, mother and English teacher in a Catalan school. Her influences are Stephen King, Mary Shelley and her young daughter. (Children bring a new level to terror.)

Christine recommends Dementia UK.

Why couldn’t people see the country growing? See the unemployed disappearing along with the refugees. There was less crime, no abortion, prayers in schools and the wall around America was one of the wonders of the modern world, it outshone China´s wall.

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