Publisher's Foreword to the "Fuck Florida" Issue

"Fuck Florida," an introduction by Jennifer Levin

"My Problem, in General, with the State of Florida," an introduction by Rick Lupert



Phillip Ziegler



"The South Is Punk as Fuck" by Ian Currer "You're Not White" by Jen Fitzgerald





"You Learn to Recognize Those Things" by Tom Andes "Governor" by Richard Downing
"The Governor Bans Rainbows" by Jessie Seigel "Of Demons and Incubi" by Celestine Woo
"Tale Spin" by Celestine Woo  






Three Poems by Kris Bluth Three Poems by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
Three Poems by Chris D'Errico Three Poems by Livio Farallo
Three Poems by D. R. James Three Poems by henry 7. reneau, jr.
Three Poems by Alison Stone Three Poems by Jeff Taylor
Three Poems by Kayla Pica Williams Two Poems by Maria Damon & Alan Sondheim
Two Poems by Carol Dorf Two Poems by Jacqueline Jules
Two Poems by Craig R. Kirchner Two Poems by Bill Lavender
Two Poems by Joe Milosch Two Poems by Chad Parenteau
Two Poems by Rone Shavers Two Poems by The Magus Gustav Sallas
"Built" by Dee Allen. "Die-hard" by Smeetha Bhoumik
"If I must be armed" by Tara Campbell "M.A.L.ediction of My Offense, Many of Whom are Entering Us" by Erwin Dink
"State of the GAYTE: A RAWn DesANUS Address" by Michael Tod Edgerton "Article III Section I" by Mark A. Fisher
"The Wall" by Mark Folse "Cruising South Beach" by Vernon Frazer
"Inconvenient Truths: Florida in Limerick" by Vincent F. A. Golphin "Transweiser" by Jonathan Hayes
"Afraid" by Bob Heman "On seeing a photo of the surface of Mars in the newspaper" by Tobey Hiller
"Gray area" by Jeremy Nathan Marks "The adventures of Neighborhood-Watch-Man" by Nate Maxson
"Writer" by Linda K. Miller "Power, as if it Were a Thing" by M. W. Miller
"Piss Halo," by Roland Orsick, trans. Gabor G. Gyukics "Uncatchable" by Clara Paisan
"A Series of Socially-Conscious Limericks" by Gregg Maxwell Parker "Red" by Lisa Pasold
"Your 'Florida Sucks' Memes Probably Suck" by Gabriel Ricard "Berlin, 1992" by Michael Ruby
"Room to Live" by Thaddeus Rutkowski "Functional" by Karlo Sevilla
"Enough" by Taylor Thomas "The Mythos of Obscurity, DXXX-DXL" by Ryan Undeen
"The Isolated Cemetery" by Anthony David Vernon "Ancient Gods" by Scot Walker
"Redneck Riviera" by Sterling Warner