R.V. Branham

R.V. Branham is author/compiler of Curse+Berate in 69+ Languages (Soft Skull Press). His fiction has been anthologized in Dinosaurs 2, Full Spectrum 3, Ghosts 2, Hybrid Beasts (a Red Lemonade e-book anthology), and Midnight Graffiti; and in magazines including Back Brain Recluse (UK), Ellery Queen's Mystery, Midnight Graffiti, Isaac Asimov's SF, Tema (a bilingual Croatian magazine), 2 gyrls quarterly, and online in In Other Words, Mérida, Red Lemonade, The Writing Disorder and W*O*R*K. He is publishing editor of Gobshite Quarterly, a multilingual en-face magazine (now in double issue flip-book format) and publisher of GobQ/Reprobate Books.

And God would then pass the hot hot pipe to you after puckering his lips so that they looked rosebud butthole-like and, after bitching about burning his lips, then lunged into one of his stoned and spendy raps that reminded you of a typical cheesy Marvel comic book (God’s raps, too be honest, never rated DC status), and God’s steering became ever more erratic as he told how he loved Isaac’s arms, Isaac’s track marks, a terrible beauty there, God said,,,

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