Kevin Minh Allen

Kevin Minh Allen was born Nguyễn Đức Minh to a Vietnamese mother and American father who remain unknown to him. He was adopted by a couple from Rochester, New York and spent 17 years in Seattle, Washington pursuing a life less ordinary, then returned to his hometown in 2017 to pursue something more extraordinary. Kevin has had his work published in numerous print and online publications, recently WHYY News, The Deadly Writers Patrol and LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Science Fiction. His first book of poetry is My Proud Sacrifice (Goldfish Press, 2014). His second is Go In Clean, Come Out Dirty (Rabbit Fool Press, 2017).

Just look at your face so wasted playing a man so real, as real as charred skin in your hair can get. How far will you trudge down this never-ending path of enlightened servitude? Wade into the river to soothe your feet as many times as you’d like, but the ringworms keep burrowing.

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