Jim Leftwich

Jim Leftwich is a poet who lives in Roanoke, Virginia. ​Recent publications include ​​Volumes 1​, 2​ & ​3​ of ​​Rascible & Kempt: Meditations & Explorations in and Around the Poem (Luna Bisonte 2016​, 2017​, edited by John M. and C. Mehrl Bennett); Tres tresss trisss trieesss tril trilssss: Transmutations of César Vallejo (also from Luna Bisonte, 2018); and Sound Rituals, collaborations with billy bob beamer published by Olchar Lindsann at mOnocle-Lash in 2018.

To set the process in motion I decide, arbitrarily, to use the three lines on page 62 as a post-snippet. Then, I begin at the bottom of page 61 and, working my way up to the title, arrive at the following poem:

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