Bill Lavender

Bill Lavender is a poet, novelist, musician, carpenter and publisher living in New Orleans. He founded Lavender Ink, a small press devoted mainly to poetry, in 1995, and he founded Diálogos, an imprint devoted to cross-cultural literatures (mostly in translation) in 2011. His poems, stories and essays have appeared in dozens of print and web journals and anthologies, with theoretical writings appearing in Contemporary Literature and Poetics Today, among others.

His books include Memory Wing (Black Widow, 2011), Q (Trembling Pillow, 2013), and a chapbook, surrealism (Lavender Ink, 2016). He is the co-founder, with Megan Burns of Trembling Pillow Press, of the New Orleans Poetry Festival.

Police created the modern concept of Identity through this assumption of universal guilt among the working class. One is a thief unless one can prove otherwise. Thievery is not merely punished; it is prevented by this pragmatic measure. Have your identity card or go to gaol. 

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