We'll See Who Seduces Whom

a graphic ekphrasis in verse

by Tom Bradley and David Aronson





Price and Format: 
$25 paperback
Page Count: 
978-0-9708750-7-5 paperback
Publication Date: 
August, 2013
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Unlikely Books is thrilled, stunned, and a little terrified to publish the massive new full-color graphic longpoem by Tom Bradley and David Aronson, We'll See Who Seduces Whom!

In We'll See Who Seduces Whom, painter David Aronson and poet Tom Bradley, in a death-wrestle, try to disentangle their protean identities, or at least to maintain a numerical tally of the limbs, heads, and torsos their shifting persons comprise. As in Family Romance (Jaded Ibis Press), Tom Bradley has accepted the challenge posed by a stack of preexisting art. In this case the ekphrasis is in verse, and the images have sprung from the cranium of David Aronson.

We'll See Who Seduces Whom was released at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café in Boulder, Colorado. Watch Tom Bradley read from We'll See Who Seduces Whom at that event, or watch him read at &UNLIKELY, our group show at the Mercury Café in Denver, Colorado.

What people are saying about We'll See Who Seduces Whom:

"A drowning tide of ebullient doom."
                    —Phil Rockstroh, poet and lyricist

"A complex and multi-layered dance between these two offbeat geniuses, We'll See Who Seduces Whom takes off in a high octane rampage, thunders across the defiled plains of Kansas, corners around the pope, takes multiple shots at our flabulous and star-struck culture, and brings you back home in time for a three-martini lunch, looking brain-raped and fuddled, woefully holding the book up and shaking it to see if anything more is to be had, secreted within its unholy pages.
"'I invite you to unravel yourself,' says Bradley at one point, then proceeds to show the reader just how to accomplish that unraveling, with a flaying wit and a diabolical ability to pull half spun threads of story together and weave them into a sparse and breathtaking structure, balanced right on the precipice of reason. And then, in a change that occurs at the speed of light, lines come together into nice neat verses and hum along like down-scribed scat, smooth and charming and doing just what verses of poetry are supposed to do."
                    —Deb Hoag, editor of Women Writing the Weird

"Tom Bradley's unprepuced poetry entering David Aronson's debauched images makeWe'll See Who Seduces Whom a demented and unholy intercourse. For the lover of extreme ekphrastics, this is the Inferno you have been waiting for. Canto after canto churns with the wordplay of the damned, with sin and sacrilege and trespass. Join these seductive souls in their satanic search for meaning when all is lost and for God when you are in hell."
                    —Larissa Shmailo, author of Exorcism

"A lush garden of terror teeming with vividly nightmarish imagery. Tears through sexual stereotypes with a meat hook. Hypnotic, striking writing and artwork."
                    —Rania Zada, author of Egyptian Exotica: A Memoir of Dancing Naked

"This is the most peculiar book of erotica, and the weirdest book of poetry outside of psychoses outright, I've ever seen. This is Bhagavad-Gita Porn."
                    —Jonathan Penton, Unlikely Books