Prosthetic Gods

by Jonathan Penton





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$6 paperback
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February, 2008
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Prosthetic Gods (cover art by Sri Nash Parker) was published by the indomitable Rane Arroyo in February, 2008, as the first in his line of Winged City Chapbooks: an imprint of his New Sins Press. After Rane's passing, Unlikely Books took over publication.

Prosthetic Gods is a collection of twenty-one poems by our Publisher, Jonathan Penton. Check out these selections:

Sin of the Calf

             Knowing that g-d is found in fucking
             That the fuckers don’t matter at all
                          I still try to worship your face
                          Still look to your actions for my body’s use
                          Your random passions for somebody’s truth

                          Beautiful, broken darling
                          Goddess soaked in filth
I dump your shit
On the woman I keep
Just to see what I can make grow


Every night, I think of your betrayal
And the bitterness floods my bag
to form a heavy shelter
That protects me from my enemies
That warms me in dead desire

And every morning, I tear my shelter down
I think only of the warmth of your body
So that I might freeze in the desert sun
I carve your name into the flesh of murderers
To share with them the freshness of my wounds

Venus walks among us, invisible and stalking.
Men are not her object.
Venus picks women. She chooses them carefully.
They never get away.


Venus picks women. She does not wait ‘til they have grown.
She murders their parents.
Parents do not befit a god.
She puts them on the street.
She puts them into alleys.
She puts them in the hands of the state.
She puts them someplace they’ll run from,
and she destroys whatever they try to run to.


Venus rapes women. She ravages their faces
                                       destroys their hands
                                         mutilates their feet
and when she’s ruined           every inch of them save their orifices
she sends a mortal to finish the job


Venus destroys women
usually, Venus kills women


sometimes, Venus takes women
sometimes, Venus fills their tiny bodies
and walks among us                                        for everyone to see