"No, Really," "Kiss Goodbye," and "Haiku"

No, Really

I’d say this story is
true in our hearts, but
a drag queen actually
pulled a real one
out of a garbage bag
and ate it in front of
a bunch of children
during Story Time
at the library, and of
course you haven’t heard
about it.  Do you still
think that the Clinton
News Network is telling
you everything?



Kiss Goodbye

Because the state
legislature honors
the lines in Gene
Simmons’ face too
much to allow him
to cover them up
with makeup
and wokeness…




Leaves sprouting past the
carved into the trunk
thank them when the sex they ban
becomes fun again
A dog scratching at
the window behind the LET’S
Cops setting up a
playpen around the courthouse
when Trump starts crying



Kris Bluth lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and daughter.  He's a regular contributor to Groundwaters and among the other places his work has appeared have been Clean SheetsBay LaurelDenali, and Doves and Serpents.  All he does is try to take what he finds interesting and get it down the best he can, and that's as pretentious as his Why I Write Poetry blurb is going to get. Kris recommends donating to the White Bird Clinic.


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