"Cries," "Sequence," and "There Is"


cries before the
night arrives before
the shadows hide
beneath its shade
cries until her
words are heard
like sad excuses
the distance beckoning
until her voice
is lost forever




the trail of blood, etc.
the words spoken in haste
without an understanding
each man given a sequence
that must be followed
until the meaning 
becomes obvious
and the light is found



There Is

there is
or we are
told there is
what matters
is what
we remember
the distance only
an aspect
of the past



Bob Heman

Bob Heman's words have been anthologized recently in Contemporary Tangential Surrealist Poetry: an anthology (SurVision Books), A Shape Produced by a Curve (great weather for MEDIA), Contemporary Surrealist and Magic Realist Poetry: An International Anthology (Lamar University Literary Press), and Alcatraz (Life Before Man). Bob recommends the National Coalition Against Censorship.


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