Important Governmental Notice:  Security Measures to Safeguard Our Nation
In the face of increasing threats from the perceived decadent liberalism and out-of-control freedom emanating from the corrupt Western world, it is imperative that our nation takes robust steps to fortify its security. The following measures are aimed at ensuring the safety of our society and the prosperity of our citizens.
1. Building a Comprehensive Blacklist:
The establishment of a thorough and up-to-date blacklist is paramount. The database aids our security agencies in identifying and neutralizing potential threats before they can compromise the safety and stability of our nation.


Exiled for three decades, I desire to return home
to offer incense to my grandfather, who passed away while I was
fleeing from the authoritarian regime
An unfilial son
I should implore forgiveness from my gravely ill mother
An irresponsible brother
I owe apologies to my siblings
who have endured various forms of hostility
as the family members of an alleged national traitor
I wish to meet my son, who was unborn when I decided to
openly condemn the dictator and consequently
missed the chance to witness his birth and growth
I had thought, naively, that my action was for a better future of his life
A runaway husband
I need to reconcile with my ex-wife
who has faced endless harassment regarding my whereabouts
by the so-called law enforcement
As an old man now, I yearn to rest in my beloved land and
to be buried in the soil that I had tried to save
from state violence and human rights abuses
but failed to do so thirty years ago


2. Fortifying Airport Security:

Airports serve as critical gateways to our nation, making them susceptible targets for potential risks. By investing in cutting-edge technology and active screening processes, we create a formidable defense against those who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in our national infrastructure.


After I presented my 30-year-old passport to the airport customs
I was taken to a small room by two border policemen
They inquired about my origin and my purpose in the country
I explained that I came back to see my senile mother for the last time
The officers moved in and out of the small room
feigning to be conducting an investigation


3. Advanced Interrogation Techniques:

It is crucial to equip our intelligence agencies with advanced interrogation techniques. These methods empower our security forces to extract vital information that can thwart probable dangers.


I didn’t know how long I have been detained
They repeated each question a hundred times
Throughout the history, the most effective interrogation technique
has been the deprivation of willpower
Were they going to throw me into jail again?
I requested to use the bathroom and
both of them escorted me to the urinal
From the window of the bathroom
I knew I have been kept for
more than half a day
Night has fallen


4. Maintaining Vigilance:

Vigilance is the key to anticipating and mitigating hazards. By enhancing surveillance capabilities, we create an omnipresent eye that watches over our nation, maintaining a proactive stance against those who may seek to undermine our national interests.


Everything was so familiar, like
time never changed anything
The concrete authoritarianism and manipulated patriotism are
in the guise of nationalist pride
Instead of arresting a dissident at large
they decided that I should be deported
Escorted through the passageway toward the apron
from the large windows, I looked around the city I missed again
Over the years more surveillance cameras were planted than trees
more controlling information has been exchanged than bird languages
The huge bloody red words on the wall threatened to devour me
The same slogan as when I escaped
I trembled in wintry chill, even though
a faint glow began to emerge from the sky



C. J. Anderson-Wu

C.J. Anderson-Wu (吳介禎) is a Taiwanese writer who has published two collections about Taiwan's military dictatorship (1949–1987), known as the White Terror: Impossible to Swallow (2017) and The Surveillance (2020). Currently she is working on her third book Endangered Youth—to Hong Kong. Her works have been shortlisted for a number of international literary awards, including the Art of Unity Creative Award by the International Human Rights Art Festival. She also won the Strands Lit International Flash Fiction Competition, the Invisible City Blurred Genre Literature Competition, and the Wordweavers Literature Contest. C. J. recommends Hong Kong Free Press.


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