geographies: "7th Arrondissement, Paris," "Tumbes, Peru" and "Penonome"

geographies: 7th Arrondissement, Paris

There's been an endless
amount of vibrating
movement lately,
possibly because
they've finally learnt
how to download infinity
into tricoleur jelly crystals.



geographies: Tumbes, Peru

Spurred on by his
beautiful companion Elvira,
Pizarro has bitten the home
decorating bullet, has put
a hot dog alongside that
beautiful Spanish mirror
over the fireplace & believes
it will make the place
look simply gorgeous. &
this is just a curtain raiser,
a small taste of what is to come.



geographies: Penonome

One of the film's main musical
themes was illegal, the group of
upper-level undergraduates in
geography, sociology, & Chinese
traditional cuisine shown in a
rather candid off-road perform-
ance spectacular supplemented
by the ontological resources



Mark Young

Mark Young was born in Aotearoa / New Zealand but now lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia. He is the author of more than sixty books, the most recent of which are with the slow-paced turtle replaced by a fast fish, published by Sandy Press in May, 2023, & a free downloadable chapbook of visuals & poems, Mercator Projected, published by Half Day Moon Press in August 2023. Mark recommends the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


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