"Chronic Town #10" and "Among the Forgetters #27"

Chronic Town #10

Hummingbird and Hale-Bopp.
Mom and Dad arrive by comet.

And all they bring me.
Is this lousy existence.

On a planet with girls and dogs.
The Christians sing.

About crosses and roads.
Dying and being denied an end.

Even after death.
I wear the t-shirt around the house.

The heathens sing.
About my unbuttoned blouse.



Among the Forgetters #27

The rain stops.
A morning fog rises
to tickle

the bellies of single-
engine aircraft.

An evil genius invents moisture-z.
This is the end

until next week.
One bird says to another,
you have fog

all over your beak,
and I hope

that the birds are chickens,
the most comedic

and utilitarian
of birds,

though an unexpected exchange between pigeons
would be almost
as effective.

The sunrise is a bomb
that never explodes.




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