Spring 2020

holistic yearn demostrates ritual oneiric xenophilia;
yelling confusion heightens lurid opulence remotely
over quickly unnerved intelligence-negating entities
reenact the flu TV                               talking to the radio how they died
            by the other side         fervent hate cult
                                                                        perspective avoids the rest of us
every virologist conditions arrival on people
                        second virus    nevertheless harmful retribution
dwelling defeated
slow-motion struggle, barricaded identity
a siege of toxic cultural baggage         upon
human community and           even the essence needed to
            sustain it.
Breakneck morbidity, enveloping tragedy
filmic interrogation of possible outcome
the other child in a pandemic
            inspired by what should change
people  like     can't drug-trial
                                    without having a replica of saying
business world town to talk baking sprinkles
            testing based on agendas        inner love condition
aids epidemic powers fauci analysis
            decision all help request
victims             compassion administration                  on the street
                        described extraordinary          changed the way




Steve Carll

Steve Carll lives with his family in Arcata, California.  His books include Tracheal Centrifuge (Factory School, 2006), Tao Drops, I Change (with Bill Marsh, Subpress, 2004), Trace a Moment's Closure For Clues (Logodaedalus, 1996), and Sincerity Loops (Bathysphere, 1995).  His work has recently appeared in Otoliths, WCP Magazine and SurVision.  From 1988-1998, he edited the literary journal Antenym.  Performance video of most of his poetry from 1991 to the present can be found at  Steve recommends the Arcata House Partnership.


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