Ancient Gods

Once there were ancient gods.
Gods men worshiped and obeyed
Gods men comforted, stood in awe of, adored
God’s men committed murder for, ravaged countries for, destroyed cities for
Gods men created by men for men.
Now all these gods have been massacred except for
Me, of course, the female one, the intelligent one, the one who will restore the earth
And that other one—the male.
It will take time with the male.



Scot Walker

Scot Walker has seen over 400 of his poems, short stories, and plays published and has won several poetry awards and these short story and play awards: a New Century Writer award; a Flannery O’Connor Awarda Thomas Wolfe Short Story Contest award; a Ray Bradbury Fellowship awarda Kernodle New Play awardA McLaren Memorial Comedy Play Writing award and an L. Ron Hubbard award. He has twice won awards in Writer's Digest Competitions and is a life-long member of the Dramatists Guild. His plays have been performed throughout the USA and Europe. Scot recommends the Human Rights Campaign.


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