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CHRIS D'ERRICO is from Errico, or something

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth."
-- Ludwig Borne
"Add water, makes it's own sauce."
-- Frank Zappa

To the Unlikely Stories home pageIncredibly intricate and detailed, the poems of Chris D'Errico feature layers upon layers of symbols, but are nonetheless immediate and readable. Chris's poems are highly complex analyses of love, identity, politics and love that show us new ways of dealing with our most difficult issues. Whether he's writing about humanity at its most enlightened or profane, he uses exciting imagery and lyric precision to open up new worlds of thought.

Chris says, "I was born in Worcester, MA & wound up in Boston, MA for a dozen odd years, currently residing in sweaty Las Vegas, NV. As for making a living, well, I guess I never did define myself by what I had to do for work/$$$, though I've been employed in many fields: deli-man, door-man, bug-man among them. Basically, I first came to poetry via some choice rock lyrics; old blues music; the Beats; Surrealists; Symbolists; blah, blah, blah... playing as a musician in bands out of Boston, where songwriting eventually morphed into more serious attempts at completing poems. I've had pieces published in several small press journals such as Mojo Risin', First Class, & a Vegas newspaper called CityLife. I'm currently working on a book with no title & no content." Drop him a line at clderrico@hotmail.com.

Chris's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

i'm the exterminator

She Likes the Blues Singer
Street Music
God's Special Nonsense Creation

Noble Rot
Cut & Bleed
Before I Float (Through Your Back Porch Still Buttoning My Shirt)