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December 2003

A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 14: Social Pets
The Caveman and the Alien by Sam Vaknin
Did You See My Little Pussy (of course a cat) by Norman A. Rubin

October 2003

A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 13: Frank Weathers
Micromanaging Malignant Optimism by Sam Vaknin
Mrs. Grundy's Studies in English Prudery by Norman A. Rubin

July 2003

Good Nudes is Good News by Norman A. Rubin
To Give with Grace by Sam Vaknin
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 12

June 2003

Revelations, Part III by Derick Varn
Take It Off, Take It Off by Norman A. Rubin
The Pettifogger Procurators by Sam Vaknin
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 11

April 2003

Revelations, Part II by Derick Varn
The Expat Experts by Sam Vaknin
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 10

March 2003

Revelations, Part I by Derick Varn
The Morality of Child Labor by Sam Vaknin
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 9
Fat and Potent Stingers by Jonathan Penton

February 2003

The Self-Appointed Altruists by Sam Vaknin
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 8
Go West by Jonathan Penton

January 2003

A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 7
Atari Blues by Jonathan Penton

November 2002

A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 6
Rosanne and Dan, Part 2 by Jonathan Penton

October 2002

A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 5
Rosanne and Dan, Part 1 by Jonathan Penton

September 2002

Everything's All Right in the Middle East by Robert Levin
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 4

August 2002

Community by Jonathan Penton
Out with the Old... by Sub-Commandante X
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 3

July 2002

The Decline of Western Civilization by Jonathan Penton
One Woman with a Good Heart, or, The Viagra Mishap by Sub-Commandante X
Why Mince Words?, or, Something's Happening Here by Sub-Commandante X
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 2

late April 2002

Ideas are Dangerous, or, A Better World Is Possble by Sub-Commandante X
A Sardine on Vacation, Episode 1

March 2002

Why I Should Never Write Drunk by Jonathan Penton
Resistance to the Theft, or, Break the Cycle by Sub-Commandante X

February 2002

An Unnamed Tale by Jonathan Penton
Eulogy for 2001: Looking into the Void and Laughing to Death by Derick Varn
Evolution Pushes On, or, Bad Propaganda by Sub-Commandante X
Sound the Alarm, or, In Bed with White-Collar Crime by Sub-Commandante X

January 2002

Two Sizes Too Small by Jonathan Penton
Criminal Negligence, or, Treasonable Profits by Sub-Commandante X

December 2001

My Furious Hobbies by Jonathan Penton
The Obvious Dementia by Derick Varn
Through The Looking Glass or, Waking Up In '1984' by Sub-Commandante X

November 2001

Clubbing by Jonathan Penton
Why Have I Been Silent? by Derick Varn
Blowback, or, an Immediate History Lesson by Sub-Commandante X

October 2001

Who Are We, Anyway? by Jonathan Penton
Don't Feel Like Dancing, or, Bad Business by Sub-Commandante X

September 2001

When Bad Writing Happens to Good People by Paul Sibley
How to Annoy an Editor by Jonathan Penton

August 2001

The Wrong Way to Look at It by Jonathan Penton
Perceiving Lines by Derick Varn
Sticky Acts of Intimacy by Derick Varn
Sometimes It Gets Real Heavy, or, Recurring Reconciliations by Sub-Commandante X

July 2001

A Day in the Life by Jonathan Penton
Narrative by Derick Varn
The Defensive by Derick Varn
The Adventure Continues, or, Not Acting Authentically by Sub-Commandante X
War Without End, or, DoubleSpeak Gone Berzerk by Sub-Commandante X

June 2001

Pointless by Jonathan Penton
The Pains of a Former Underground "Journalist" by Derick Varn
Higher Realms, or, The Dance of Dances by Sub-Commandante X
Simplify To Innocence, or, The Inevitable Transition by Sub-Commandante X

May 2001

Unpleasant Places by Jonathan Penton
Hungry Hearts and Confused Minds, or, Another Way to Act by Sub-Commandante X
Just One of Many, or, Hardly Fucking Funny by Sub-Commandante X

April 2001

Quiet Places by Jonathan Penton
On Democracy by Derick Varn
Rama Banana, or, Snow White in a Brothel by Sub-Commandante X
¿Como se dice, 'Heavy'?, or, La Divina de Luna Tantra by Sub-Commandante X

March 2001

God, Gold, and Goods: Replacing God with Language by Derick Varn
Playing with Fire, or, Gambling in Exquisite Perfection by Sub-Commandante X
Sweet Ass on Cold Ice, or, Ego and Reasoning Run Amok by Sub-Commandante X

February 2001

Now You Know by Jonathan Penton
Shamanism by Derick Varn
Cuba: It's Illegal Just to Be There, or, Talk about Temptation by Sub-Commandante X

July 2000

Hitting the Books by Jonathan Penton
Narcissism by Derick Varn
Summer Ritual, or, Latino Possibilities by Sub-Commandante X
Strange Speak, or, the Winds of Change by Sub-Commandante X
Notes from the Unworldy Underground, or, Connections on a Dead-End Street by Sub-Commandante X

June 2000

Waiting for Never by Jonathan Penton
Body Language by Derick Varn
Another Trite Rant by Derick Varn
Nowhere to Run To, or, The Next Election by Sub-Commandante X
From the Unworldly Underground, or, Sometimes, It's Tough To Say 'No' by Sub-Commandante X
Mushroom Magic, or, Terror in Mother Africa by Sub-Commandante X

May 2000

Big Balls of Gas by Jonathan Penton
Looking for a Little (Justice), or, "The Purple Door" by Sub-Commandante X
Charm in Multi-Realities, or, It's All an Illusion by Sub-Commandante X
Benefit of the Doubt, or, Get Over It by Sub-Commandante X

April 2000

Adventures on the Edge by Jonathan Penton
Spleen and Ideal: Anti-Poems by Derick Varn
Going Down in Silence by Sub-Commandante X
Lessons to Be Learned, or, Elections Are Bogus by Sub-Commandante X
Is That Redundant?, or, Exceptions to the Rule by Sub-Commandante X

March 2000

Dimmer Bulbs by Jonathan Penton
Hyper-Conductivity: Poetry as Fragment and Fractal by Derick Varn
Unacceptable, or, Naked Global Village by Sub-Commandante X
Always young enough, or, Shouldn't be too hard by Sub-Commandante X

February 2000

Dim Bulbs by Jonathan Penton
Poetry on the Rocks by Derick Varn
If You're Not A Bear or, What They Call 'Rescue' (Don't Come Cheap) by Sub-Commandante X