Obligatory Disclaimer: Yes, we are aware that there are many good people in Florida (and we encourage them to submit to this issue). Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has successfully made himself the poster boy for American fascism, but fascism is rising throughout America and the world, and DeSantis is not the epicenter of the problem. Really, this is the “Fuck Fascism” issue, but all Unlikely updates say “fuck fascism.” And the bottom line: “Fuck Florida” is so much fun to say.

Unlikely Stories Mark V prepares for, and eagerly solicits submissions for, its upcoming “Fuck Florida” issue. This issue will feature 100% openly antifascist content, and particularly focus on:

- Trans and other LGBTQ issues
- Issues of BIPoC living with white supremacy
- Christofascism and religious persecution (including against atheists and agnostics)
- Reproductive and women’s rights under fascist and fascistic regimes
- Education and teaching under fascist and fascistic regimes

We are particularly looking for work by members of marginalized communities, or communities directly impacted by fascism, but anyone working with these themes is free to submit.

We are looking for poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, firsthand accounts of activism, visual art, music, spoken word, aural art, movies, other audiovisual presentations, or anything else that might fit well into the issue. Please see our general guidelines for more information, or just read recent updates from the journal.

Submissions will close on July 1, 2023. See our general guidelines for where to send your submissions.

And please, don’t submit unless you can get with this: